Artist Feature .002 - Tynan Collins


Artist Feature .002 - Tynan Collins

“ For this project, I wanted to produce a truly one of a kind item that was not only designed by me, but also made by me. I was apart of every aspect of this piece, the illustration, the craft, the print, and the photography (@ahardyboy).

“ This design represents many of the themes common in my work. Ideas of duality, ambiguity and interconnectedness are always at the forefront of my work. This graphic is ambiguous in expression. I believe times can be a bit uncertain and this character is a symbol for that. The texture in the hair is a universal pattern i connect many things in my illustrative world with in order to allude to general collective unconscious and interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

“We are a part of nature and vice-versa.”

IG: @tynancollins | @avelupo

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