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Brazil - Matas de Minas


Filter Coffee | 12oz

Chocolate | Caramel | Honeydew

region: Matas de Minas

Natural Process


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Fernando Figueiredo Heringer may have left a career in public service to grow coffee, but he is no newcomer to the craft. It’s in his blood. Fazenda Tres Barres has been in the Heringer family for 60 years, since the days of Fernando’s grandparents, Walter and Alzira. They passed the 2.5 hectare farm down to their son, Wilian, who, along with his wife Glenda, in turn passed it into Fernando’s care in 2013. 

Though his parents still work on the farm, Fernando is making his own mark, installing new drying beds and a concrete patio to facilitate the production of the high quality coffees for which he has become known. This particular lot is solely Red Catuai, handpicked (not always the case in Brazil), and meticulously processed.


In the Portuguese language, Minas means mines, that much is clear. Gerais--”general”--is less specific, thought to refer either to the mines or the fields of this diverse state. Either way, Minas Gerais, Brazil is a place of diamonds, gold, and gemstone mines, and huge stretching savannah known as cerrado. Within its vast boundaries are found the coffee regions of Sul de Minas, Matas de Minas, Chapada de Minas, and Cerrado de Minas. 

A mind-boggling 2,488,000 acres make up the coffee-growing area within Minas Gerais. No wonder, then, that it accounts for nearly 50% of Brazil’s coffee production. Rich in history and European influence, first-nation people make up a significant percentage of the state’s population, and though Portuguese is the prominent language, other residents hail not just from Portugal but from many parts of the globe, including Africa, Germany, and Lebanon.