Colombia La Mina retail 12 ounce bag

Colombia - La Mina


Filter Coffee | 12oz.

Tasting Notes: Ibarra Chocolate | Fall Honey | Syrupy Body

Processing: Washed

Region: Veracruz, Narino

Varietal: Castillo

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Colombia La Mina retail 12 ounce bag

Additional Info

Meet is Franco Lopez. a 72 year old coffee farmer. He has 34 years of expertise and an 8th place cup of excellence award to prove his salt. His farm, La Mina, is located in Veracruz Colombia and is the newest coffee on our roster! 

We are super excited to bring this sweet and approachable coffee to the lineup. It boasts of Ibarra chocolate's subtle spice and the syrupy body of a fall honey all the wile not straying away from a classic flavor that people look for in their mooring coffee. 



La Mina is a 69 acre farm situated at the high elevation of 1970 meters above sea level. The variety is exclusively Castillo which is a Colombia specific variety.  Castillo is a Robusta/Arabica hybrid that is la roya resistant. La Roya is a coffee plant disease otherwise known as coffee rust, that has been plaguing south and central american coffee farms pretty heavily in recent years.