Costa Rica - Carlos Fernandez Morera (Anaerobically Washed) 6oz


Top 8 finisher in the 2018 “America’s Best Espresso” at CoffeeFest Los Angeles.

Undeniable & Intense notes of cinnamon toast & gingerbread.

This Costa Rican comes from Carlos Fernandez Morera, who has been growing phenomenal coffees for over 60 years. The lot of the farm where this award winning lot originates is called Diamante (The Diamond) for its superb landscape.

Once picked & pulped, the coffee undergoes a sealed-tank anaerobic fermentation process. A selection of mucilage and water are added to the mix, and the slurry is closely comitored for pH, temperature, brix, and a host of other variables. Under a watchful eye, the high degree of enviromental control this allows contributes immeasurably to the coffee’s intense flavor profile.

Once received green, this Costa Rican was profiled on a San Fransiscan SF-1, & Brewed to specification on our Slayer Espresso Machine.

We’d like to thank Sam Balean (@pupper,ccino) for his amazing commitment to learning & brewing espresso. We’d also like to thank the Sponsors that helped make this happen; San Fransiscan Coffee Roasters, Cropster, Acaia, & Mahlkonig.

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