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Artist Feature .001 - Tyler Renslow


Artist Feature. 001 - Tyler Renslow

For me the design is all about ambition and work-ethic in coffee. Or in laymans terms "Hustle". It’s the idea that a clear-cut coffee career is seldom just handed out, but is instead plotted, practiced, dreamt of, and honed in. A candle burning at both ends is less about burn-out and more about burning bright or going the extra mile. I think this is totally embodied in a lot of the coffee community. I know that as a young coffee professional this is the headspace I've tried to adopt. Whether it means going out of my way to better serve a customer, or chopping up coffee ideas late at night with friends, I try to adopt a mindset of "Hustle" in order to elevate my craft. Because at the end of the day its this: the more I put into coffee, the better I can use it as a method of serving people.

IG: @tyrenslow

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