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Nicaragua - Los Congos


Filter Coffee | 12oz.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry | Almond Brittle | Balanced

Processing: Washed

Region: Nueva Segovia

Varietal: Pacamara

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nicaragua washed bag.jpg

Additional Info

Don Jose Rene Paguaga started his own farm as a teenager. He married, and soon his children were turning the farm and dry mill into their playground. But in 1979, civil war forced him to take his family over the border into Honduras. Don Rene, 61 at the time, grew coffee there as well, but when the Nicaraguan government returned his beneficio (mill), St. Lucila, to him 10 years later, he moved his family back, and at 72 years old, bought several farms including Los Congos. In his 90’s now, Don Rene’s passion for coffee is still contagious. 

Finca Los Congos is the last farm on the whole mountain. It takes its name from the howler monkeys that roam freely in the area and most of the terrain is still in virgin form. Here coffee grows and ripens slowly, bathed in mists, shaded by fruit and pine trees, giving it time to develop peak flavor. Coffees from Los Congos repeatedly place in upper numbers of the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence program and Presidential Awards.


In the north of Nicaragua, sharing a border with Honduras, we find the lush Nueva Segovia region. People lived in this area thousands of years before Columbus landed, and these days, ethnic groups and more recent citizens form a rich cultural collage. 

Farms are small--averaging around three hectares, and the region itself is smaller than the more well-known Matagalpa or Madriz areas. Be that as it may, it has all the elements that make for quality coffee: shade, fertile soil, high elevations, and of course, careful cultivation and processing. 

Some exciting specialty coffees are coming out of the the mountains of Nueva Segovia. Since 2005, farmers and co-operatives have been entering Cup of Excellence contests, consistently placing. CoE juries’ descriptions border on the effusive. Most agree that sweet, floral, and balanced apply.